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Prospects Marketing Enterprise (PME) is a UK-based marketing company, which specialises in direct marketing and direct sales. We are one of the fastest expanding sales marketing agencies in the marketing sector. We are a company who aims to market and sell your product. PME has experience of marketing for a number of companies in various industries, including energy efficiency, home insulation, roofing, charities, entertainment, sports, health, fitness and leisure.

A direct marketing company with global reach

PME holds strong ties with the sporting industry, both within the UK and overseas, with former England Football Manager, Dave Bassett, acting as one our key ambassadors. PME also has links with various communities, schools and universities within the UK. Representatives of PME have acted as ambassadors for several businesses across a wide variety of industries in many communities across the UK, namely Yorkshire and Teesside, Cleveland. Representatives have specialised in public speaking and community initiatives. PME maintains these close ties and the solid reputation that has been built. Not only does PME maintain these links, we aim to establish new links and continue to strengthen existing links across our national and international networks. We pride ourselves on the ability to create and maintain these relationships, which in turn allow us to facilitate our marketing strategies with some ease.

Building a brighter future for your business

PME has the resources to assist and help your company expand on a national and international level. PME also plays a substantial role in its clients’ commercial success. PME continues to be committed to its investment into people’s futures, whether this is our workforce or clientele. We remain focused on educating those who come into contact with us and building bright futures.

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